I’m learning.

I’m learning how to “play” with food, how to not rely on every single step being drawn out for me in recipe format.  I’m learning to grab the nearly over-ripe fruit or the almost wilty vegetables and make something delicious with them.  It’s a slow process.  A process I love.

Last night I wandered past the fruit basket that sits on my counter and noticed the pineapple leaves were starting to brown.  I pulled it out of the basket and began to slice it into cubes, wondering all the while if there wasn’t something more than “just” pineapple to be done with it.  I could have tossed some in a smoothie, but quite frankly didn’t feel like cleaning the blender.  I remembered the wonder of the first time I tasted grilled pineapple.  The way the heat releases the sweet juices is phenomenal.  Problem is, I don’t own a grill.

I grabbed my favorite “go to” book when I am having this brain storming session over a particular item of food.  Skimming the columns of food that pairs well with pineapple vanilla struck me. I have vanilla.  I threw the cubed pineapple, a dash of vanilla, and the lightest drizzle of honey together in a small baking dish.  The toaster oven was still warm from my provolone and ham sandwich dinner so I turned the temp to 350 and baked the pineapple for twenty minutes or so.   I love the citrusy smell pineapple has when it is warm.  I waited until that aroma filled my home and then I pulled the dish out and dolloped on a few spoon tip fulls of marscapone and let it melt a tad before consuming.  Happily.

Need to know how to cut-up a pineapple?  Look here – http://www.ehow.com/how_4528214_cut-up-pineapple.html