The dragonflies come out to play at twilight so the pup and I walk the sidewalks together seeking the sparkling wings of those tiny creatures.  His leash in my right hand the camera in my left we explore the world just outside our front door.  The first night I grabbed the camera with barely a thought, just an intention to capture the bright purple beauty sitting on the porch.  Each evening since I have grabbed the camera on my way out the door.  I find a certain solace in these walks, a quiet call to live right now with all the pleasure possible.  I notice the little moments when I seek them through my lens.  The flowers blooming.  The bumble bee playing.  The glorious colors of sunsets.  The weight of the air in monsoon season.  Our walks are longer as the days grow shorter.  This shortening of days assures me that fall really is on the horizon.  I ache for fall to arrive.  With the arrival of fall will come the return of my soldier.  The calendar says it will be soon, for really, what is two months in the span of four hundred days. There is much to be done in the days that remain.

The list of projects yet to be marked done fill the pages of the notebook in which they were scrawled.  Soon there will be a frenzy in the kitchen.  I must master the pie crust, dinner rolls, cornbread sage dressing, and all other manner of Thanksgiving feast for both the gluten and dairy intolerant.  I must make for the man who’s presence has been gone so very long food to fill the cavern that the paltry rotation of army fare has left in its wake this last year.  There is much to be done..

There are bags to sew, a quilt to make, an afghan to finish, another to begin.  I have pages that detail the fabric to be purchased, the yarn to be found, the patters to be followed.  My hands will be busy in the days to come.  There is much to be done.

For now, my evening meals are filled with lovely fresh vegetables sliced on the mandolin a dear friend gifted me and dipped in refreshing hummus.  There are ham and cheese sandwiches, simple fare in a busy day.  There are scrambled eggs, protein enhanced smoothies, and even the occasional Amy’s Kitchen frozen meal.

For now, I will sit in the quiet and pull yarn over hook until the eldest boys afghan is done.  For now, there is not much cooking to be done, but soon there will be a frenzy.  When the frenzy begins, I will write again.