It is no secret I love to read.  If you enter “gluten free” in today you will get 1066 items in return.  More blogs pop up each day.  The information is daunting at times.  I started at the library, putting in a request online for every gluten free book my library network could get their hands on.  At one point I had eight books stacked on my nightstand.  Some of them were fabulous, some were filled with great information but relied heavily on prepared boxed foods and that was not my diet pre-gluten free and I see no reason to change that now.  Bear in mind that books are an exceedingly personal matter, and what I love you might hate.  It’s just a jumping point for you but listed below are a few of my favorite gluten free resources.

In the beginning –

The G Free Diet – This book is a great place to start.  It gives a complete overview on everything from food to make-up but also includes helpful tips for maintaining a dual kitchen (where both gluten free and gluten laden ingredients are prepared) and also discusses the way it feels to live with the restrictions of gluten free from the perspective of the one who must live that way and those who love them.

For the more serious food lovers –

Gluten-Free Girl: How I found the food that loves me back